ALHAMDULILLAH, By the grace of AL-MIGHTY EMERALD ASHES bounce back with a huge win (After two consecutive fighting loses ) against the Champions team Bin Delamah Yorkers CC by 139 Runs

It is always tough to play with Champions team like BDCC. EA CC Captain won the toss and elected to bat first in the cold morning. As usual our master blaster Rajesh Radhakrishnan and the little master Sarath Babu open the innings carefully. As everybody knows about the bowling strength of Bin Delamah, Zainudeen & Sherin share the new bowl with bounce and pace. Sarath could not stay long and c&b by Sherin on his 4th over. Our debut all-rounder Mohammed joined with Rajesh and resisted for a while. In the other end Rajesh was showing some different type of batting. He was calm and cool, only hitting the loose balls. Cleverly played by taking singles and doubles, BDYCC players cannot resist the singles and doubles and EA CC scoreboard were moving fast. Sherin gave the break again to BDYCC by a good yorker, Mohammed bowled on the 9th over of sherin. Wall of Emerald Ashes CC Biju Viswan join with Rajesh and played a sensible innings. This partnership gave Emerald Ashes to build a solid platform to make a huge total on the home ground. Both Rajesh & Biju were quick between the wicket and both were par fifties. Biju bowled out by Kannan R, he made 59 runs from 49 balls which includes 4 classic boundaries ( this is the 5th Fifty of Biju Viswan in the ongoing series ). Rajesh were looking good and stayed strong in one end. BDYCC players can’t do any pressure on him. He completed his class century from 71 Balls. This is the first time he is making the century by playing more balls. He really understand this is the 40-40 game and he has to keep his wicket for the team to long way to go. Shanavas Noohu Join with Rajesh and give support to Rajesh initially. Rajesh shows his caliber after making his 100, he started hitting hard and made his 150 from 92 balls. He was caught out in 154 runs from 95 balls which included 22 boundaries and 2 huge sixes. Shanavas took the charge from Rajesh and he also started hitting hardly. Abu Thahir could not stay long and he was trapped on LBW in Kannan’s over. EA Captain trusted batsman of the middle order Sulfi Basheer join with Shanavas and made a quick 90 runs partnership to make EACC a huge total of 368 runs. Shanavas made 56 from 38 balls and Sulfi made 41 from 31 balls.

As everyone knows 368 not that much huge runs from BDYCC, they have well known batting line up like Renjith, Bilal Shah, Abdul Hannan etc.

Bilal Shah and Renjith open the innings for BDYCC. As usual the young dynamite Renjith was hurry to make huge runs quick in time as he knows the target was huge. He started hitting from the first over. There was huge wind in one side but for Renjith wind was not a problem. He started attacking opening bowlers of Rajesh and Praveen on both sides. Captain Praveen gave a big break thru for EACC , bowled out Renjith in his 2nd over. EACC relaxed by the hard hitting from Renjith, he made 35 Runs from just 16 balls which include 2 towering sixes and 2 boundaries. Manu RP join with Bilal Shah. Manu was cool in one end and was selective for making the shot. Rajesh 7th over gave another break thru for EA CC. Bilal shah caught in the fine leg region, Sulfi grabbed a good safe catch which is the 2nd blow for BDYCC. Zainudeen promoted early for BDYCC and he was hurry considering the big target. He could not stay long and caught the gully in the 10th over of Captain Praveen. Manu was very patient and played sensible innings for BDYCC but no once can’t give support for him. Excellent innings from Manu he scored 68 Runs from 60 Balls. Shanavas taken the charges from Captain and every over he gave a break thru for EACC. BDYCC can’t resist the turn of Shanavas and he got 5 wickets of BDYCC. Two excellent run out of Ramesh ( done by Abin ) and Abdul Hannan ( done by Abu ) which was bundled out BDYCC in their 33 overs only scoring 229 runs. This is the first time EACC winning against them in the EPCA and this will be a great achievement for Emerald Ashes CC for the winning against BDYCC. Overall it is 100% team work and well played Team Emerald Ashes and hard luck to BDYCC and wishing them good luck in the next few games.