Al Markb Main League 40/40 – SAIPEM C.C. defeated Kashmir XI C.C. by 6 wickets

Saipem secured a convincing 6 wickets win in their 6th match against Kashmir XI CC
MOM-Abdul Rahiman (133 runs 73 balls & 3 wickets for 42 runs)

Match details as follows,,,,,

It was 1666 when Sir Isaac Newton came up with the law of gravity observing an apple falling from the tree.

Fast forward in 2017 you don’t really have to be a scientist to know that “with as much greater force you hit a ping pong ball to the ground, as higher it bounces back!!

Even a causal observer can tell, Team Saipem playing Al Markab Main League 2016-17 has developed a similar attitude of bouncing back as high, as hard they hit ground. Following a crushing and demoralizing defeat at the hands of unbeaten Enerco, one could not help but to wonder may be this is it…..may be now Team Saipem never rise again may be now they Rest In Peace……

Now indeed, Rest in Peace….all such speculations as Team Saipem chased down a meaty target of 332 set by Kashmir XI CC for the loss of just 4 wickets in 36overs to register a 6 wicket dominant victory this Friday.

What many thought of to be the most important game in the group after last week’s contest of Saipem vs Enerco, this game was never the less very crucial for both Saipem and Kashmir XI. Batting first Kashmir XI set a fat target of 332, credit to Khalid Hameed Sheikh 91(66) hitting 11fours and 2sixes and a flashing fifty down the order by Imtiyaz Ahmed Butt 58(32) 6x4s, 3x6s. Abdul Rahiman was pick of the bowler for Saipem with 3 wickets.

By lunch there was a sense of calmness in both camps…..with Kashmir XI probably calm considering 332 as a healthy total batting first which indeed it is on any given day……and Team Saipem calm?? Really?? Like for once?? Nah!! Hence it was a calm before the Storm……

Mr Abdul Rahiman Sir 133(73) 14x4s-4x6s and Mr Skipper Nishant Sir!! 112(86) 12x4s-1×6, came out with all guns blazing!!! One can’t help but to wonder if Michael Holding and Mark Nicholas were commenting on this game how would it sound…..

“Michael Holding: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, good after noon Mark…’s a typical Arab afternoon in winters with sun and cold breeze at the same time…..I can also see some clouds in the background perhaps a good day for cricket.

Mark Nicholas: Good afternoon Michael and ladies….opps I almost forgot rest of the gentlemen in public but good afternoon to you too. Let’s have a look what we have here, Kashmir XI setting a 332 runs target, this will take some batting from Saipem to achieve. Seems like we have a fascinating games of cricket ahead of us!!

Michael: Nishant is of the mark with a four, that’s just about the way you start off things when you chasing a big target…..

Few overs later……with Rahiman and Nishant hitting sixes and boundaries from both ends Michael and Mark would have sounded something like……

Mark: I tell you this is all happening here…..the poor ball has been hit to the fence and flown over the ropes, out of ground……time and time again!! somebody needs to do something…..somebody need to stop these guys!! Jesus, whats going on here Michael??

Michael: What can I say….!! This is indeed a brutal hitting of the cricket ball, I have never seen anyone batting with such authority and control as these two are right now and believe me when I tell you, I have seen a lot of hard hitting of the cricket ball……It is not a surprise that guys like Viv Richards and Chris Gayle played for West Indies, you see back in the Caribbean we like hitting the balls hard…..!! But even Im surprised by the way Rahiman and Nishant are batting.”

After an enormous 261 runs opening stand Rahiman got out after scoring a blasting 133 off 73 balls only…….shortly afterwards Skipper Nishant 112 (86) finally got out scoring his 3rd hundred in 5 matches(remind you, he got out on 94 a couple of matches ago)shows just how good a form he is in. Sarwar fell shortly afterwards but Ameen 37(24)and Babar 16* made sure Saipem was over the line in 36overs winning the match by 6wickets. Rahiman claimed man of the match award with his blasting 133(77) and 4 wickets.

Sir Isaac Newton may never get to know how far Team Saipem will go this winter but you can!! Stay tuned…..