Honda C. C.

Welcome to Honda Cricket Club!

We are just about gearing up for the 2016 cricketing season, and are looking forward to a competitive and enjoyable series of matches. the Honda Cricket Club couldn’t be more excited to get back on the pitch.

Honda Cricket Club is a hospitable and friendly club which has been around for the past 6 years. The teams, made up of cricketers of all abilities and nationalities, meld together to form, on occasion, a formidable unit.

The club thrives on a great atmosphere with lots of humour. We play in KCC-2, but also  spend much of our time playing matches away from home.

We accommodate players of all ages and standards — including youngsters — who want to enjoy and gain success from the sport.

Friendship. The greatest reward for our efforts on the cricket field is the friendships formed amongst fellow team members as well as with those of opposing teams. This is an experience enjoyed by cricket players around the world.

With always more foreigners from cricket playing nations  living in and around Jubail, the Honda Cricket Club is focusing on the future, and is presently working on a project to encourage substantial development of the sport locally.

HONDA enrolled in EPCA season 2012-13 with the earlier name of Gulf Steel and emerged as “CHAMPIONS” of Al-Turki T20 Cricket Tournament in 2014.




Honda C. C. Player List

Honda C. C.

1majidAbdul MajidWicket Keeper00000000.00
2afaqAfaq AhmadAll-rounder3726505622142.31
3aliAli UsmanAll-rounder118403431137.50
4asif-aliAsif AliAll-rounder00000000.00
5atifAtif RehmanAll-rounder1311806412118.18
6bilalBilal KhanAll-rounder62396.206232158.97
7gulGulfraz SufiAll-rounder00000000.00
8subhaniHassan SubhaniBowler790000177.78
9imranImran KhanBatsman00000000.00
10kashiKashif AbbasAll-rounder12473807422169.86
11Mohammaed Nasser M. WalayatAll-rounder00000000.00
12Mohammed Nadeem TabassumAll-rounder00000000.00
13Mohammed Taha SiddiqueBatsman00000000.00
14mubeenMubeen KhanAll-rounder3429403732117.24
15nadeemnaddoNadeem TabassumAll-rounder00000000.00
16nomanNoman AshfaqAll-rounder00000000.00
17Rahul KumarAll-rounder00000000.00
18Sajid Ghulam MohammedAll-rounder00000000.00
19khurramSardar KhurramBatsman00000000.00
20pansotaShahid Ali PansotaWicket Keeper9110000281.82
21shahidShahid NadeemBowler00000000.00
22shameerShameer AhmadWicket Keeper02000010.00
23asharSyed Asher AliAll-rounder00000000.00
24umerUmer Khan LodhiAll-rounder00000000.00
25wirasatWirasat HussainAll-rounder2440322150.00
26Yasir Ali Mohammed RamzanAll-rounder00000000.00

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Al Turki T20 Super Cup PD 2016-2017, PD SCC T20 Challenge CUP, Premier Division