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EPCA-GES & Corporate T20 Cricket Tournament 2017 – Champions – Jacobs Zate Cricket Club

Congratulations Jacobs Zate Cricket Club!!!

We are pleased to announce that JACOBS ZATE won the FINAL against defending champion. The final match was played on Saturday, March 18, 2017 in Kanoo Cricket Grounds.

It is second (2) Jacobs Zate victory in the fourth (4th) annual EPCA-GES & Corporate Cricket Tournament.

An excellent final match played between Jacobs ZATE and Pan Gulf. Both teams played brilliantly from start till end. PG won the toss and elected to bowl first. Very good bowling from PG as Jacobs Zate lost 2 early wickets in 3rd over for mere10 runs. JZ scored 54 in their first 10 overs for the loss of 3 wickets. In last ten overs Anis, Iftikhar and Safdar played well and JZ reached to the total of 157 runs in 20 overs for the loss of 7 wickets.

It appeared like PG can achieve this target easily but JZ also bowled well and got 2 wickets in 5 overs for 36 runs. Mohsin and Waseem played excellent according to average and made a partnership of 102 runs. PG scored 69 in first 10 overs and 136 in 18 overs for the loss of 2 wickets. It was a nail-biting situation in the last 2 overs requiring 12 balls 22 runs for PG and 8 wickets in hand. Exceptional bowling in death overs from Thofeeq and Ali Iftikhar and restricted PG to 145 runs in 20 overs for the loss of 4 wickets. A great captaincy from Dildar Hussain who kept on shuffling the bowlers and did the trick for JZ. At last Jacobs ZATE defeated the defending champions and won the FINAL by 12 runs.

Congratulations to Jacobs ZATE on the great win.

Muhammad Anis from Jacobs ZATE declared the Man of the Match on the all-rounding performance.

Dildar Hussain from Jacobs ZATE declared the Best Captain of the tournament.

Mohsin Saleem from JGC-Alnaimi declared the Highest Scorer of the tournament.

Sajid Khan from Pan Gulf declared the Highest Wicket taker bowler of the tournament.

Excellent Umpiring from EPCA umpires Mr. Khalil, Qamar, Tanveer and Raheel.

EPCA-GES & Corporate Cricket Tournament 2017 was played among the following eight (8) Teams.

  2. Ernst & Young (E&Y)
  3. JGC
  8. ZAMIL


EPCA Management





Al Markab Main League 2016-17 – Champions in First Division Level- II- SAIPEM CC


By now, all of you must already know how far Team Saipem went this winter……yes you are absolutely right!! they went all the way and won Al Markab Main League 2016-17. They are, as you read deserving Champions indeed.

We can not deny the fact that they are champions but what exactly made them so deserving?? Since I’m sure all of you already know Saipem beat Enerco in the final and bla bla bla…….I wonder what exactly do I have here to tell, which you do not know already. So instead of going into how Rajeesh and Akhtar were simply unplayable or how destructive was Rahiman and how Nishant was simply unbeatable…….and that by the way sums up Al Markab Main League 2016-17 and you are welcome. So let’s look into what made Team Saipem so deserving??

They say best success stories often begin with failure and Saipem’s success story is no different. Michael Jordan once said…..

” Some want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen!!”

Speaking of Michael Jordan, it might come as a shock, but the man who became what many would call the best basketball player of all time didn’t make his high school basketball team!!

This is what made Jordan succeed, and I quote ” I have missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the winning shot, and I missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

So the recipe to best success story is not when you go out unbeaten and win everything but rather when you are met with countless failures and where all start to doubt your abilities to cut through, best success stories are those where you never give up and against all odds you carry on your struggle and eventually succeed.

For instance Sir Isaac Newton never did good at school and failed miserably at family farm, Albert Einstein did not speak until he was four and did not write until he was seven causing teachers and parents think he was mentally handicapped, Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper for lacking imagination and good ideas, Oprah Winfrey was fired from her job as a news anchor because they told her she was not fit for television and the list goes on and on but what made these people successful was self belief, confidence, hunger, will to win and a never give up attitude.

Three years back Team Saipem was filled with excitement, joy, hunger, passion, self belief, will to win and a nerve give up attitude but they would go on to loose everything…….last year 40/40 Main League they went on to win 7 consecutive matches but somehow couldn’t even make it to the next round by marginally loosing 3matches. This winter, after suffering early losses at the hands of Young Guns and Enarco people started to doubt Saipem’s ability to even qualify for the semis. This is exactly where self belief, passion, hunger, confidence, will to win and never give up attitude came into play and Team Saipem went on to become your champions!!

A wise man once said “be humble in your victory” and we humbly appreciate and acknowledge efforts of all teams in opposition to make this winter a remarkable one and most importantly congrats Enerco on a wonderful winter they surely played some good cricket out there. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters on and off field and specially to those who stayed with us throughout this winter, regularly reading our post and showing appreciation in all sorts of ways!!

We would also like to Thank our Sponsors ATL( Mr. Rizwan and Mr. Ashraf) and Ultimate Pipeline Services (Mr. Suhel and Mr.Ashraf) for entrusting us. Thank you very much guys it’s your love and appreciation that kept us fighting and we are proud to be your champions!!

Some want it to happen, some wish it to happen at Saipem we make it happen!!

Kindest Regards
Team Saipem



On behalf of Eastern Province Cricket Association, I have great pleasure to invite you to attend the “GRAND FINAL MATCH OF EPCA- GES & Corporate T20 CRICKET TOURNAMENT- 2017”, to be played on Saturday, the 18th of March, 2017 at KCC- 02 ground.

Toss time : 08:50 AM      Match Start : 09:00 AM




Your presence in the match is an honor and encouragement to our players, teams and SPONSORS.


EPCA Management


SAIPEM dismantled Pak Shaheen to win Al Markab Main League 2016-17 Semi Final by an astonishing 9 wickets…..

Fate whispered to the wolves……you cannot withstand the storm and the wolves whispered back……we are the storm!!

After a week long winter rains, first or their kind in recent memory…….this winter already held a lot to be remembered for years to come and Team Saipem added one more memory to it by systematically destroying Pak Shaheen at Semi Finals to earn a place at finals ever so deservingly…..!!

Here they were, finally at their first semifinal & just 2 steps away from fulfilling their potential after several ifs & buts in the previous tourney & seasons. Up against a team that had managed to rack 300 plus scores in all their games & yet to know defeat, but Saipem put on an unbelievable display of self-belief & hunger to crush down the opponents & settle the game as convincingly as it could get.

Batting first Pak Shaheen batsmen were totally at sea, fending with hope rather than conviction, Saipem Spinners kept a team used to amassing 300+ scores throughout the group stage, fold for a meek 158 tells a lot about Saipem’s bowling strength . DOOM was written all over Pak Shaheen as Nishant scalped 6 for 49 off his allotted 8 overs & Rajeesh had taken down 3 for a very miserly 30 off his 8 overs. Akthar continued his good run of form and expertly contained the batsmen at one end. Zafar Bhai Aka Chacha well what else to say, the older the wine the better it gets.

Saipem openers Nishant & Abdul Rahiman continued their impressive run of form and were in no mood to fool around as they racked up 138 off just 15 overs. Nishant unfortunately got out but only after sailing the ship close to the shore with yet another 50 plus score. Abdul Rahiman finished it off without further drama along with Sarwar, scoring a manic 85 off just 50 balls. It was all over in a flash…..Pak Shaheen were beaten and bruised by crushing 9 wkts defeat at the hands of Saipem.

So what we have here!?!? It’s all down to Saipem vs Enerco at finals for the gold!! Just as Team Saipem skipper Nishant foretold after losing to Enerco at group stage level. Who would have thought for Saipem to make it this far but the Boiz backed their skippers words with some extraordinary performances. Cricket Pundits are already busy reading stars predicting who will prevail…….

Here is a message to Enerco, someone wise once said ” If you can’t say something nice, say it in French”

So, Enerco, on va te secouer…..on va te Rocker!!

From Sir Isaac Newton to winter wolves, from the legends of Vikings to Michael Holding and Mark Nicholas we all waited to see how far will Team Saipem go this winter……they are through to the finals but will they avenge their early loss to Enerco?? will Enerco be able to stop Saipem’s momentum?? will Team Saipem finally earn gold and be crowned as Champions??!?!? Stay tuned to know……

MOM- Nishant Govindan (53runs from 55 balls & 8 Overs 49 runs 6 wickets)






Al Markb Main League 40/40 – SAIPEM C.C. defeated FRIENDS C.C. by 5 WICKETS IN 28.5 overs

Another cold, windy morning resulting in just another day at the office. After a 2 week’s forced lay off thanks to the weather, none can be expected to hit their rhythm straight off. Friends CC after being put into bat seemed to be cruising to a grand total thanks to Sultan’s counter attacking mode despite Hamid being out of sorts against the pace of Mujtaba & Razzak. The pace pair kept asking questions off the pitch but somehow could not grab the eluding wicket. Lady luck seemed to be all smiles for the openers when they were even negotiating the spinners & at 119 in 17th over were all set to end the session ahead of Saipem. A moment’s error, Hamid drove a ball straight & called Sultan for a quick run only to see Akthar speed in from cover’s to fire in a direct hit at the runner’s end to catch Hamid well short. So often as the saying goes, “One wicket leads to another” & true to that Nishant caught Sultan plumb in front, sweeping down the wrong line & suddenly Saipem was back in the game, well rewarded for their perseverance. Runs had dried up thanks to the ever so economical & quick burst of a few overs from Akthar ( 4 overs for 14 runs ) & Nishant. In search of a few wickets, in came back Mujtaba to uproot the middle stump of Quadri & then of Saif in the same over. The sight of the stumps being sent on a cartwheel is indeed a delight to see as long as you are not on the receiving end. Nishant cleaned up the lower order, picking up 4 wickets for a miserly 19 off his quota while Rajeesh ended FCC’s chances of a redemption by picking Aziz’s wicket, caught at long off. After being 119 for no loss at nearly the halfway stage, 193 was definitely a disappointment.

So often have we seen a low scoring game turn into a nerve wrecking thriller. Saipem’s ever so confident openers started off in a sedate manner, one with purpose. The FCC bowlers however weren’t going down without a fight. With nothing to lose & Saipem’s semi berth at stake, they were in the mood to be a party spoiler. Rahiman was the first to go for 26 caught of Aziz after an opening stand of 65 & what followed next was utter mayhem with Sarwar getting run out off the very first ball he faced after calling for a run wrongly. Babar too walked back to the pavilion without troubling the scorers for a mere 4 after gifting Aziz a return catch. In came Shafi, known throughout for his power hitting prowess was out to prove a point to himself more than anyone. Despite another quick succession of wickets in the form of Nishant’s & Vineedh’s, Shafi held on. A totally uncharacteristic knock of 47 not out, but one with the determination & nerve of steel, he guided Saipem across the finishing line along with Razzak who proved to be an able partner scoring 18 not out. Amidst all of this Captain Nishant continued his terrific form notching up another 50 plus score.

Things shouldn’t have gone this far for Saipem and at the end of the day there must have been several ‘if only’ in the Friends CC camp. Saipem held on & a hiccup now is better than in the knockout stage i.e the semi. Sterner tests await Saipem & they seem to be well prepared for the perfect haul. Meanwhile, Friends CC have ended their 40-40 journey perhaps on an underachieving note, but with a lot of promise for the future.





Al Markb Main League 40/40 – SAIPEM C.C. defeated FALCONS C.C. by 146 runs

Saipem secured a convincing 146 runs win in their 7th match against Falcons CC

MOM- Rajeesh Ahamed P. T.  (8 Overs 44 runs 5 wickets & 1 maiden over)

Match details as follows,,,,,

Sir Alex Ferguson the manager of Manchester United for 26 years, arguably one of the best mangers of all times, once said ” I don’t know whether it is true of derby games in other parts of the country, but I never really know what to expect when we play Manchester City.”

That’s was exactly the case with Team Saipem taking on Falcons C.C in Al Markb Main League 2016-17 a true derby game and no one knew what to expect from any of the sides. For those of you who don’t know Captain and founder of Falcon C.C Farhan Nisar was once part of Team Saipem hence giving birth to a “friendly rivalry.”

Every Legend, every superstar every team has that one opponent which has a number on him. Andre The Giant was unbeaten for 12 years, yeah but, Hulk Hogan defeated him…….The Undertaker was 21 and 0 at Wrestle Mania, yeah but, Brock Lesnar defeated him at Wrestle Mania, Brock Lesnar who is propagated as the Beast Incarnate, The Conqueror, yeah but, Goldberg not just that Brock is yet to score a win over Goldberg in any type of a match up, on this Sunday at the Royal Rumble Goldberg eliminated Brock Lesnar!! So there is always this, Yeah But!!

Saipem have done wonders over the years, scoring victories against most of the opposition in EPCA, Yeah But!! Saipem was yet to win against Falcons C.C in a EPCA setting. Besides the points table scenario, where this match was a must win for both teams, this Yeah But made this a touch more interesting…….

Falcons won the toss and elected to bowl first which was an interesting choice since there was yet another “Yeah But” which seems to have taken place in the minds of most of the teams that Saipem is good at chasing, Yeah But they don’t do well batting first… seriously?!? If we may reply to this as, Saipem have won and can win batting first, someone would have still come up with yet another Yeah But saying yes Saipem have and can win batting first, “Yeah But” they are yet to score 300+ batting first…..

Nevertheless winning toss Falcons still found it as the best option to put Saipem in to bat first, but little that they know what was next in store…..

Saipem had a promising start with Skipper Nishant and Abdul Rahiman toying with the bowlers at will, Saipem lost Abdul Rahiman 32(25) after a 76 runs opening stand which led the foundation. Skipper Nishant continued his great run of form and held one end for his 78(69) while forming meaningful partnerships with Ameen 21(17), Pramodh 17(15) and Babar 27(29). Saipem were 197/4 when Shafi walked in, and 215/5 when Babar got out and Vineedh walked in the game was still very much there for any team to dominate, “Yeah But” Shafi & Vineedh!! Shafi was as orgasmic as you can get on a Cricket field scoring 47(26) hitting 5x4s and 2x6s, whereas Vineedh 36(24) was a delight to watch on the other end, coming back to form in just about right time!! Together they took Saipem to 276/6 when eventually Shafi got out. Vineedh along with tail made sure to put an end to another ” Yeah But” and Saipem set a 318runs target for Falcons to win.

Mujtaba Aka Sunny, provided Saipem with an early breakthrough removing Falcons skipper Farhan Nisar 6(6) when the score was just 18runs and the experience of Mohiuddin Zafar aka Chacha came into play when he removed Ubaid Alam 6(6) and Kamran 9(10) batsmen Falcons were most depending on. Ali Sleem 50(34) was the only batsmen from falcon who showed a bit on intent ” Yeah But” was eventually removed by Rajeesh Ahamed and with that rest of Falcons Inngs, it appeared was hand writing a night before by Saipem VC Rajeesh Ahamed Sir, who claimed a 5 wicket hall and never really let any batsmen from Falcons to settle down and fight back. Wickets kept on crumbling down and in a matter of few overs Falcons were 90/7, Mohammad Atta 46(33) and Rameez Anwar 12(23) kept Saipem waiting for the last wicket but it was more of a matter of when then anything else.

Falcons were all out for 171 in 27overs and Saipem brought an end to many ” Yeah But” by scoring 317 batting first and winning by a massive 146 runs.

The winter continues and so is Team Saipem’s journey…….the beauty of life and cricket is that no matter how many ” Yeah But” you put to an end!! there will always be more to come your way……for example Team Saipem is known for playing good competitive cricket ” Yeah But” they are yet to qualify for any of EPCA semifinals…..will they?? Stay tuned to know……






EPCA is proud to announce the start of the 4th annual GES & Corporate Cricket T20 cricket tournament 2017. 8 Teams are participating in the said tournament. 

Last year’s Champions Pan Gulf continued their supremacy and defeated the last year’s Runners Up Saipem. Chasing 250 runs target, Saipem fell short by 46 runs. Amjad Butt from Pan Gulf was adjudged Man of the Match for his magnificent 109 no. runs.  

Jacobs Zate faced an upset on the hands on JGC AlNaimi as they fell short of 24 runs when chasing a 221 runs target. Mohsin Saleem was adjudged Man of the Match for his quick fire 93 runs. 

E&Y defeated ASS Radicon by 8 wickets. Chased the target of 172 runs in just 16.5 overs. 104 no.o runs from Abdul Wahab awarded him the man of the match. 

After getting bundled out for 162, Zamil Industrial restricted Worley Parsons 13 runs short of the target. MEHRBAN ALI SHAH from Zamil was selected as the Man of the match for his important 41 runs contribution with the bat.



Al Markb Main League 40/40 – SAIPEM C.C. defeated Kashmir XI C.C. by 6 wickets

Saipem secured a convincing 6 wickets win in their 6th match against Kashmir XI CC
MOM-Abdul Rahiman (133 runs 73 balls & 3 wickets for 42 runs)

Match details as follows,,,,,

It was 1666 when Sir Isaac Newton came up with the law of gravity observing an apple falling from the tree.

Fast forward in 2017 you don’t really have to be a scientist to know that “with as much greater force you hit a ping pong ball to the ground, as higher it bounces back!!

Even a causal observer can tell, Team Saipem playing Al Markab Main League 2016-17 has developed a similar attitude of bouncing back as high, as hard they hit ground. Following a crushing and demoralizing defeat at the hands of unbeaten Enerco, one could not help but to wonder may be this is it…..may be now Team Saipem never rise again may be now they Rest In Peace……

Now indeed, Rest in Peace….all such speculations as Team Saipem chased down a meaty target of 332 set by Kashmir XI CC for the loss of just 4 wickets in 36overs to register a 6 wicket dominant victory this Friday.

What many thought of to be the most important game in the group after last week’s contest of Saipem vs Enerco, this game was never the less very crucial for both Saipem and Kashmir XI. Batting first Kashmir XI set a fat target of 332, credit to Khalid Hameed Sheikh 91(66) hitting 11fours and 2sixes and a flashing fifty down the order by Imtiyaz Ahmed Butt 58(32) 6x4s, 3x6s. Abdul Rahiman was pick of the bowler for Saipem with 3 wickets.

By lunch there was a sense of calmness in both camps…..with Kashmir XI probably calm considering 332 as a healthy total batting first which indeed it is on any given day……and Team Saipem calm?? Really?? Like for once?? Nah!! Hence it was a calm before the Storm……

Mr Abdul Rahiman Sir 133(73) 14x4s-4x6s and Mr Skipper Nishant Sir!! 112(86) 12x4s-1×6, came out with all guns blazing!!! One can’t help but to wonder if Michael Holding and Mark Nicholas were commenting on this game how would it sound…..

“Michael Holding: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, good after noon Mark…’s a typical Arab afternoon in winters with sun and cold breeze at the same time…..I can also see some clouds in the background perhaps a good day for cricket.

Mark Nicholas: Good afternoon Michael and ladies….opps I almost forgot rest of the gentlemen in public but good afternoon to you too. Let’s have a look what we have here, Kashmir XI setting a 332 runs target, this will take some batting from Saipem to achieve. Seems like we have a fascinating games of cricket ahead of us!!

Michael: Nishant is of the mark with a four, that’s just about the way you start off things when you chasing a big target…..

Few overs later……with Rahiman and Nishant hitting sixes and boundaries from both ends Michael and Mark would have sounded something like……

Mark: I tell you this is all happening here…..the poor ball has been hit to the fence and flown over the ropes, out of ground……time and time again!! somebody needs to do something…..somebody need to stop these guys!! Jesus, whats going on here Michael??

Michael: What can I say….!! This is indeed a brutal hitting of the cricket ball, I have never seen anyone batting with such authority and control as these two are right now and believe me when I tell you, I have seen a lot of hard hitting of the cricket ball……It is not a surprise that guys like Viv Richards and Chris Gayle played for West Indies, you see back in the Caribbean we like hitting the balls hard…..!! But even Im surprised by the way Rahiman and Nishant are batting.”

After an enormous 261 runs opening stand Rahiman got out after scoring a blasting 133 off 73 balls only…….shortly afterwards Skipper Nishant 112 (86) finally got out scoring his 3rd hundred in 5 matches(remind you, he got out on 94 a couple of matches ago)shows just how good a form he is in. Sarwar fell shortly afterwards but Ameen 37(24)and Babar 16* made sure Saipem was over the line in 36overs winning the match by 6wickets. Rahiman claimed man of the match award with his blasting 133(77) and 4 wickets.

Sir Isaac Newton may never get to know how far Team Saipem will go this winter but you can!! Stay tuned…..






On Friday, the 20th of January, at KCC #15, Khobar Blasters CC came in all set to take on Zalmi United CC and to continue their exemplary winning run. KBCC were well prepared to execute their 5th consecutive win in 6 matches.

The match kicked off with KBCC winning the toss and electing to bat. The opening duo of Anfin and Riyas kept the scoreboard ticking at a reasonable rate before the team lost Anfin in the 4th over. Came in, KBCCs master blaster, Kiran Kumar, in the most sensational form of his career, to again build on a big innings as he always does. Irrespective of wickets falling at the other end, Kiran kept the scoreboard moving with his regular boundaries and exceptional running between the wickets. Kumar Das (26) supported well to build a much needed partnership with Kiran, who in due course, completed his 4th century (108 off 90 balls) of the tournament. He was very unlucky to get out trying to up the scoring rate and eventually fell in the 35th over. Ultimately, KBCC ended their innings for 223/10 in 38.4 overs credit to some good bowling by the ZUCC bowlers.
Though the score seemed modest to chase down, KBCC held confidence that the game could be won by the bowlers and exceptional fielding efforts which has been the core of the team. ZUCC were off to an amazing start with Yasir (45) and Saddam (45) taking the score to 99/0 in 14 overs, well set to win the game in no time. KBCC, however, had other plans with Anfin coming in and picking the wicket of Saddam breaking the partnership, depriving the duo of a century stand. The very next ball, Kumar scalped Yasir, depriving both batsmen of their 50s. KBCC then took charge with an impressive comeback by taking regular wicket through some exceptional bowling and fielding; ZUCC witnessing another exceptional bowling performance from the Blasters as was faced by their predecessors. KBCC kept up the reputation of breaking down batting orders by ultimately, scalping Syed Qamar who stood defiant in the middle and pretty much got close to taking the match away. In a very tense finish with ZUCC requiring just 11 from 5 overs and 1 wicket remaining, an excellent running catch by Arafath Hashim, off Jiby, ZUCC were bundled out for 212 in 35.1 overs. Scalps by Kiran (4), Kumar (2). Anfin (1), Kahab (1), Jiby (1) and Arafath (2 catches and a run out) were exceptional during this defense of an arguably modest total.

Khobar Blasters won the game by 11 runs. Kiran Kumar was once again the very deserving Man of the Match, his 4th in 6 matches, for his scintillating all-round performance with a century (108) and 4 wickets